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Introducing a New Way to Buy and Sell Construction Materials

The Dirt Connections Network is a new online site that is your “go to” source for information about accessing a variety of dirt, stone, and other building materials you need for your project. The new network is a place where you can find the materials you need. If you have surplus materials, you can advertise them on the Dirt Connections Network so that another contractor can contact you about taking it off of your hands. If you have no way to transport the materials, don’t worry!
Dirt Connections is standing by to do that for you.

How to Post Your Information to the Dirt Connections Network

Posting your information on the Dirt Connections Network is easy. To post an announcement about surplus materials you want to sell, simply go to the network and click on the link entitled “Vendor List”. The site will prompt you to upload the information about your materials along with your contact information. Putting your information on the list is especially useful if you have a large amount of surplus fill dirt, sand, gravel, aggregate, and similar materials.

If you are looking for materials for your project, the Dirt Connections Network is a good place to start. Go to the network and click on the link entitled “Materials Wanted”. Follow the prompts for posting information about the material(s) you need, the quantity, and your contact information. 

The Material Locator Service is provided so YOU can connect directly with the contractor, who has or wants material

Benefits of Using the Dirt Connections Network

Find the Best Pricing

Once Dirt Connections finds vendors that can provide the materials you need, it is easy for you to find the one with the best pricing. You can even browse through the vendors’ websites to find the best price.

Time Saving

Having an online source of vendors, or posting your available materials, will save everyone’s time. The convenience of having the information assembled for you keeps you from having to make lots of phone calls trying to find the right match. Dirt Connections will have found matches for you.

Wide Variety

The Dirt Connections Network enables you to locate vendors who can provide a wide variety of materials. For example, you can find suppliers for fill dirt, gravel, and mulch all in the same place.

Free Advertising for Your Business

Posting your vendor contact information can increase the amount of business you do. The Dirt Connections Network is open 24 hours each day, seven days a week. You may be the only supplier who has a certain kind of aggregate, or a specialized product, but the only way your potential customers can know about it is if you post it.

Additionally, posting your information on the network will make your products available throughout a large geographical area, not just limited to word-of-mouth or traditional advertising sources for customers.

Also, posting online provides your business with immediate access to the potential pool of customers. You can change or update your information as frequently as necessary. So, if you need to change prices on anything, you can do it with a click of the mouse.

Provide a Link to Your Business Site

Attract more customers to your business site by posting a link on the Dirt Connections Network contact information. That way, your customers can transact with you directly. That will enable you to take advantage of your website’s data analytics to help you manage your business.

Try the Dirt Connections Network

Save yourself time and money by letting the Dirt Connections Network do the sourcing and advertising for you. Whether you need materials for your project or you are looking for someone who wants your surplus, the network can help you. Transporting them is no problem because Dirt Connections is always available to do that job for you. Check out the network or speak with the knowledgeable folks at Dirt Connections for more information.